About Us | Serving those who Serve Us

Headquartered in Lexington MA, Oasis Systems LLC (Oasis) is a leading provider of high quality, cost-effective Engineering, Professional Services, Information Technology and Cybersecurity, and Facility Management to the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, and commercial customers.

With over 900 personnel located nationwide, we can attribute our growth as result of effectively executing programs as a prime contractor with a passionate commitment to customer success. Over 90% of our business is performed as a prime contractor and is bolstered by our experienced management team, robust DCAA approved financial systems, and the highest possible ratings from Dun & Bradstreet. With nearly 90 “Exceptional” CPARs, Oasis has a proven unparalleled record of accomplishment with transition, management, and performance capabilities.
Since our founding in 1997, one of the highest priorities at Oasis is to anticipate and respond to the needs of our customers by providing technical solutions and analytical services that are efficient, reliable, affordable, and designed to meet each individual customer’s immediate, evolutionary, and long-term needs. We achieve our mission by rigorously accomplishing our corporate goals:

  • Poviding cost-effective and flexible solutions and resources
  • Maintaining the highest standard of integrity
  • Exceeding client expectations through customization of services
  • Responding rapidly to technology and industry evolution.
  • Ensuring reliability, responsiveness, effective communication and mutual trust with our clients


The depth and breadth of our experience motivates us to establish realistic goals and practical expectations in the deployment of people, processes, and technology. As individual contributors,with an understanding of customer mission and goals, we encourage and expect each Oasis team member to consistently exhibit ingenuity and a willingness to achieve and exceed customer objectives.Our leaders meet with customers regularly to understand their evolving needs, and to provide mentoring and training to managers and individual team members as we measure our performance against customer expectations.

In 2015, Oasis acquired MAR Incorporated to supplement our growing portfolio of customers and expand our capabilities. Established in in 1971 with operations beginning in 1972, MAR specializes in four inter-related core competency areas: Information Technology and Cybersecurity Services, Intelligence and Special Programs, Systems Engineering and Integration, and specialized Facilities Management and Marine Operations. MAR will continue to operate as a Division of Oasis Systems, LLC. The combination of these two companies expands our business base and positions us to achieve sustained and diversified growth with continued “Exceptional” support to our customers.