About Us

Oasis Systems is a premier provider of customer-driven, cost-effective and quality Engineering Services; Enterprise Systems and Applications; Human Factors Engineering; Information Technology and Cyber Security; Professional Services; and Specialized Engineering Solutions to the Department of Defense, Federal Aviation Administration, Nuclear Regulatory Commission and other Federal Agencies.

What We Do

Oasis Systems (Oasis) is a leading technology services company and trusted partner to the Department of Defense and Federal Agencies supporting them to achieve success in their mission-critical Programs.

Our team of domain and technical experts provide leadership capabilities and competencies in Systems Engineering, Enterprise Systems & Applications, Cybersecurity & Information Technology, Professional Services, Specialized Engineering Services and Human Factors Engineering, focused on maintaining our customer’s technological superiority and dominance in space, in the air, on land, at sea and under the sea.

Our Vision

Be a quality ethical company and customer-centric partner that attracts, develops, motivates and retains talented, skilled and dedicated people who are supported to pursue personal excellence, purposeful work, achieve their full potential and are committed to helping our customers achieve their mission-critical objectives.

Our Objectives

Make Our Customers Successful

By providing value-added, agile, innovative, and quality technology services through trusted, responsive, and collaborative relationships.

Inspire Our Employees

By respecting and valuing them, providing a safe and empowering workplace environment, providing important work, helping them achieve their career aspirations and providing market-driven compensation and benefits.

Be a Great Company

By managing professionally, by providing great value-added service, by execution excellence, by being a trusted partner, by being a good community neighbor and citizen and by growing profitably.

Our Values


We treat everyone with respect, humility, dignity, kindness, fairness, and value.


We always do the right thing. We are honest, ethical, and moral in all our interactions. We are honest even when it is difficult. We honor our commitments to each other. Integrity gives us credibility, influence and trusting relationships.


We reflect attitude, demeanor, speech, appearance, manners, reliability, poise, and supportiveness that demonstrate our commitment to our work and each other.


We seek to be known by the quality of our work – competence, skill, diligence, and dedication that exceeds the expectations of our responsibilities. We take responsibility for things we are accountable for and take appropriate initiative for challenges outside our immediate sphere of control.


We want to be recognized and respected by our customers, competitors, partners, community, and employees for how we responsively perform, consistently meet our commitments, relentlessly add value, and drive innovative solutions.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Reach out to Oasis Systems today and see how we can assist your organization. Our years of industry experience and knowledge provide solutions no matter the logistics.