Brenda Boone

Brenda Boone was the President and Founder of HSI and is now a Senior Consultant with Oasis. Brenda has over 24 years’ experience in human factors and provides leadership and direction for all human factors and technical studies undertaken by HSI. Under her leadership, the HSI team brought to every project, a quick technical grasp and problem solving versatility that comes from expertise actively applied to situations where human performance and technology interact.

Prior to founding HSI in 1997, Brenda worked as an independent consultant providing human factors expertise to support new air traffic control system acquisitions, concepts, and procedures on behalf of Unitech, Anderson Consultants, and CGH Technologies.

Before her work as a contractor, Brenda had a successful career in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) where she managed high-profile human factors engineering programs. Her expertise encompasses all facets of human factors analysis, organizational culture and management concepts, program and project management, labor relations, and the introduction of new technology, especially as it relates to air traffic control systems, operational concepts, and procedures.

Brenda holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Florida State University.

Brenda Boone

President, FAA & NASA Division