Business Development Specialist

REQ #: 16573 | Burlington, MA; Huntsville, AL; or Washington, D.C.

Oasis Systems has an exciting opportunity for a Business Development Specialist to provide support to Capture Managers, Program Managers, and Proposal Managers with market research and proposal support. The Business Development Specialist is primarily responsible for review of all automated opportunity feeds provided by federal procurement sites, conducting preliminary qualification of the opportunity, maintaining the status of all tracked opportunities in the SharePoint pipeline, and generating and maintaining weekly and monthly status reports. As a Business Development Specialist, your duties will include evaluating our operations, improving sales revenue, and building a sustainable customer base.


TRAVEL: Occasional local travel may be required to attend Industry Days or Pre-Proposal Conferences in support of market research activities

SECURITY CLEARANCE: Must be eligible to obtain a DoD Secret Clearance

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: (Education, Certifications, Experience, Skills)

EDUCATION: BA/BS degree in business administration, marketing, communications or related field; OR AA/AS degree in business administration, marketing, communications or related field AND additional relevant work experience; OR equivalent work experience



  • 3-7 years business development and research support in the government sector and at least 2 years supporting the development and production of government proposals, preferred (may be concurrent)
  • Analytical skills – determine viability of opportunities (drill-down open-source research)
  • Reviewing procurement forecasts for target agencies
  • Grow customer base – with guidance from Executives (as directed)
  • Ability to apply critical thinking when supporting a Business Development team
  • Ability to prioritize daily tasks and manage time accordingly
  • Entrepreneurial drive as evidenced by research that goes beyond reporting information already available on federal procurement sites (GovWin;; eBuy; etc.)
  • Attention to detail and record keeping (e.g., timely and accurate maintenance and posting of information in the SaleForce/TechnoMile, SharePoint BD Portal, opportunity pipeline, and Proposal site)
  • Excellent command of grammar, spelling, and written and oral communications, including the ability to determine the:
    • Appropriate audience for all communication (who needs to know and why)
    • Most effective form of communication (phone, email, face to face)
    • Appropriate level of detail (e.g., a heads up with a link to an external source; a brief executive summary; preliminary market research; or comprehensive, detailed research)
  • Ability to schedule and coordinate meetings with multiple, extremely busy stakeholders (schedule the meetings, develop and distribute agendas; capture and distribute minutes)
  • Advanced computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suite (advanced knowledge of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint a must), Adobe Acrobat
  • Proficiency in integrated business management and CRM software, including SalesForce/TechoMile


Desired Skills:

  • Graphics software support such as Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop and other desktop publishing and graphic software
  • Knowledge of SalesForce/TechnoMile, SharePoint Server lists and libraries
  • Familiarity with government-issued solicitations and Requests for Proposals (RFPs), including Requests for Information (RFIs)
  • Familiarity with Shipley and/or APMP Proposal Management process


The Business Development Specialist is primarily responsible for supporting Capture Managers, Program Managers, and Proposal Managers with market research and proposals. The distribution of hours spent supporting market research and proposals will vary depending on priorities communicated by supported Capture Managers and the Proposal Manager and the current proposal workload.

Supporting Capture Managers

Roughly 90% of this position involves market research support beginning with, but not limited to, a daily review of all automated opportunity feeds provided by federal procurement sites.

The Business Development Specialist is responsible for:

  • Analyzing business operations and strategies to identify new opportunities
  • Identify new customers and evaluate the company’s sales strategies to serve the existing customers better.
  • Performing competitor analysis toward an increased market share
  • Ensuring that the search and filter criteria specified for all automated feeds reflects current guidance provided by Capture Managers, Program Managers, and as directed, the Proposal Manager.
  • Publishing, distributing, and reviewing search and filter criteria at least quarterly with the entire Business Development team to ensure that potential opportunities are caught as soon as possible in the BD lifecycle.
  • Reviewing opportunity feeds daily and qualifying opportunities based on established criteria before presenting daily summaries to line of business (LOB) Capture Managers, Program Managers, and the Proposal Manager.
  • Conducting preliminary qualification of the opportunity by estimating the potential contract value, identifying the incumbent, and reviewing available artifacts and publicly available business intelligence for information that may indicate that the opportunity is not a good fit before presenting new opportunities to the BD team
  • Immediately notifying the entire BD team concerning any published changes to opportunities a) in active capture, b) with a proposal in process, or c) with an RFI or Sources Sought response in process to ensure that all BD stakeholders are informed as soon as possible of anything that impacts daily tasking or overall strategy.
  • Maintaining the status of all tracked opportunities in the SalesForce/TechnoMile and SharePoint opportunity pipeline per the established BD process.

Generating and maintaining weekly and monthly pipeline status reports or slide decks that reflects all Capture Manager input.

  • All other duties as assigned (for example, periodic and ad hoc updates to marketing literature)

Supporting Proposal Manager(s)

Roughly 10% of this position involves proposal support including, as directed, the management of “turn-key” technical proposal efforts that involve a small number of stakeholders and use already established templates approved by the Capture Manager and Proposal Manager. When managing turn-key proposal efforts, the Business Development Market Research Analyst is responsible for working with the Capture Manager to establish a schedule and deadlines, developing a compliant proposal outline using the approved master template, coordinating required inputs from members of the Proposal team, monitoring and reporting the progress of the proposal to the Capture Manager, and production of the final proposal.


As directed, the Business Development Specialist’s responsibilities may also include:

  • Developing compliant resume templates to ensure that formatted resumes address all personnel requirements
  • Formatting source (“street”) resumes per template requirements
  • Revising canned past performance writeups to ensure that they are formatted per solicitation instructions and the approved template, and demonstrate relevancy per solicitation evaluation criteria
  • Coordinating past performance questionnaire (PPQ) submissions
  • Development of compliance matrices
  • Formatting all proposal text and integrating all graphic files to produce iterative hard copy section drafts, proposal hard/soft copies, and the final proposal master
  • Development of Production Checklists (i.e., binding and shipping materials, delivery method, delivery receipts, etc.)
  • Managing and supporting the production, reproduction, and binding/packaging of final proposal, final master proposal, and all hard/soft copies as directed by Proposal Manager
  • Establishing and maintaining all electronic proposal files
  • Ensuring daily back-up and archiving of proposal hard/soft copy inputs
  • All other duties as assigned (for example, development of capability matrices in support of informed bid / no bid decisions or capture).

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