At Oasis, we believe that meaningful, challenging and rewarding work attracts dedicated individuals who strive to support the mission of Dept. of Defense programs. We invite you to join our team of over 1500 talented employees, who are passionate about delivering innovative services and solutions to our customers.

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Professional Development

At Oasis, your personal & professional goals are a priority for us and having a variety of training options to help you not only do your job better but also advance your career goals is KEY to us.

We know firsthand that each employee learns through a variety of methods. Therefore, Oasis provides all employees with access to training through various mediums. Employees have access to online learning, whereby staff can learn at their leisure using online training. However, if staff are more hands-on and want to learn by attending a classroom or training site environment, then we can support this type of training as well. Additionally, from time to time, Oasis organizes “train the trainer” type programs in which employees can become skilled and then provide on-site assistance for their customers and co-workers.

We gladly provide financial support for staff to complete any type of job related training or certification program. Further, we also provide reimbursement for attendance at conferences and symposiums, so that staff can remain up to date with new technological advances as well as obtain applicable certification credits.

“Personally, working for Oasis has been an eye-opening experience for me. If someone asked me one thing that comes to mind when working for Oasis, I would say communication. I am always amazed how responsive everyone is with any questions I may have. Even during the unexpected remote work ordeal, I always seem to have someone to answer all of my questions dealing with any matter. Oasis is definitely a great place to work but most of all for me a great place to feel part of the team.”

William Wellborn

Systems Engineer, Maxwell-Gunter AFB, Montgomery, AL – 2 Years With Oasis Systems

“I worked for Oasis Systems prior to my retirement. I highly recommend Oasis as they are a good company and consultants to the Air Force Systems Development community.”
Joseph Barry

Sr. Project Engineer

“My transition to civilian life was quite a fascinating experience! I elected to retire at 28 years of service only because I felt it was time to make the transition, and I was offered one of my life-long jobs as the Executive Director of a commercial service airport. Having served as Tail Gunner on the B-52G, and then most of my career as an Air Traffic Controller, the option to retire was a tough decision, but given the opportunity to continue a career in aviation was a perfect fit. Finishing my doctorate in aviation management, then joining the USAF’s acquisition community as a contractor, and now working for Oasis, has truly been an unbelievable journey, and well worth the transition. Working with a great company and a great team, is why I like coming to work each and every day!”
Quincy "Doc" Mosby

Military Professionals

We appreciate those who have served as well as those who continue to serve in the nation’s military. We’re honored to have current and former military professionals serving at every level of our company. We value your experience, exceptional leadership skills, knowledge, dedication and discipline.

Oasis Systems offers career opportunities for all of our veterans, so we’ like to be your next employer of choice.

Join our remarkable group of dedicated and talented employees providing outstanding support to our valued Dept. of Defense customers

“Oasis is a great company for transitioning veterans! From company senior leadership that knows what it means to serve, to opportunities to continue to support Department of Defense and other critical Federal Government missions, to a welcoming corporate environment that extends enhanced benefits to Guard and Reserve personnel, veterans of all backgrounds and experience levels can continue to serve our nation even after they hang up their uniforms.”

Daniel Kennedy


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