CEO Corner

Most would agree that the current political climate in America is the most divisive that they have ever seen in their lifetimes. They are feeling exhausted and turned off by both sides. However, everyone has to agree with the fact that the United States military has been shrunk and its readiness and capability reduced; all at a time when the world has become more dangerous and our military asked to engage in multiple missions across the globe.

In the past decade or so total active duty personnel has dropped from 2.0 million to 1.3 million serviceman and women. Worse, the number of naval ships and Air Force fighter planes has dropped more than 50% from 600 to 275 ships and 3,500 to 1,800 fighters. And Army Combat Brigades have dropped at twice the rate of the overall Army force reduction. Therefore the new administration’s commitment to invest in rebuilding our military is greeted with great enthusiasm by those who believe a strong United States military is vital for national security and freedom and peace around the world.

To meet this challenge the country will need more support, dedication and expertise from contractors like Oasis. I believe because the commitment, capability and skill that you provide every day along with the investments we will be making, Oasis will be well positioned to participate in the new and growing needs of our warfighters.

On an Oasis family matter, it is with deep sadness that we note the passing of Michael Clarke on our HBQ team at Peterson AFB in Colorado. He was a loved and valued team teammate by his Oasis and Government colleagues. My deepest appreciation goes out to Michael’s colleagues, Mike Coyle the HBQ Task Lead and Tim Nickerson ETASS VP for how they have reached out and supported each other and Michael’s family during their time of bereavement.

As always, thank you for what you do to support our Nation and its warfighters and for contributing to the success of Oasis.