Contract #:                    DTFAWA10A-00029

Award Date:                  09/15/2009

Expiration Date:           09/30/2024

Contract Amount:       $7.4B (shared ceiling for all MOA Holders for 15 year PoP)

POC:                                Anetra Withers, Vice President of Research & NextGen Initiatives

                                            Program Manager



This Master Ordering Agreement (MOA) applies to “Electronic Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Accelerated and Simplified Tasks” (eFAST) and is available for use by the FAA, and on a limited basis and when in the best interest of the Government, by all federal government agencies. This MOA functions as a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) to provide a broad range of technical, professional and support services. Construction is not within the scope of this MOA. MOA sets forth the terms and conditions stipulated to, and governing contracts or task orders issued under the MOA. 

Oasis is a Prime MOA holder in the Research and Development Functional Area. R&D can apply to the Physical and Life Sciences including:

  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computers
  • Computer Science
  • Ecology
  • Environmental
  • Geology
  • Hydrology
  • Mathematics
  • Meteorology
  • Oceanography
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Theoretical/Modeling
  • Operations Research 

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