FAA – SE2025 SIR 1 – R&MA

FAA – SE2025 SIR 1 – R&MA

Contract #:                   DTFAWA-16-D-00004

Award Date:                  11/10/2015

Expiration Date:           11/04/2025

Contract Amount:       $1.027B (shared ceiling)

POC:                                 Anetra Withers, Vice President of Research & NextGen Initiatives

                                          Program Manager



Oasis was awarded a 10-year multiple awards IDIQ contract for SE2025 Research & Mission Analysis support services. Oasis provides a broad range of research, service analysis, strategic planning, and other related support services, that enable the FAA to transform the country’s National Airspace System (NAS) through the implementation of the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) and related FAA Programs. The scope of work under the four R&MA task orders provides for the application of scientific and analytical disciplines to conduct applied research. 

Research focus areas required to satisfy existing and emerging demand for NAS services include:

  • Demand for NAS Services Support
  • Identified Projected Supply of Services
  • Mission Needs Analysis & Assessment Support
  • Technology Opportunities Support
  • Test Resources
  • Laboratory Facilities
  • Contract Management
  • Policy Studies 

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