HSI Division of Oasis Awarded SE2025 TORP

WASHINGTON, DC. Feb. 21, 2018 — The HSI Division of Oasis is pleased to announce a successful award of the SE2025 TORP 5111/TO 0002: Leesburg Remote Towers Phase 3 for $3.3M, with a total ceiling value of $9,987,882.43. The Period of Performance is February 13, 2018 through July 12, 2021. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is working to provide airports with a potentially less expensive alternative through the evaluation of Remote Tower Services (RTS) as a potential solution. This effort is to evaluate the Leesburg Remote Tower system through a series of tasks (Phase 3). The effort will identify processes, procedures, and policies to develop national guidance for remote tower systems. There are a variety of skill levels required for this effort to be successful, most of which are filled with Air Traffic Control Specialists who will provide their expertise in evaluating this solution. Our goal is to provide insightful feedback to the FAA that can impact the future of remote tower systems and save on significant costs to the FAA.