Maggie Wetzell

Maggie is a retired Senior Executive, GS-15 with 38 years of experience in Contracting and Program Management with the Air Force. For the better part of Maggie’s AF Career, she was a Senior Manager and Contracting Officer. She was at the forefront of change in the Operational Contracting community instituting AF-wide affordable solutions for acquisition of high quality military housing, regional consolidation of utility requirements, implementation of the standard procurement systems, streamlining competitive processes and legislative initiatives to enhance partnering with industry and the surrounding communities. All of this influenced the day-to-day operations throughout the Electronic Systems Center Command. Maggie had a track record of agile business solutions and was well-known throughout the AF for her people-centric leadership; she was the “mother” to more than one generation of like-minded customer focused contracting professionals, she was the “mother” to more than one generation of like-minded customer focused contracting professionals. During the dreadful attacks of 9/11, Maggie was called upon to be in the “War Room” as the single Contracting Officer providing extraordinary acquisition support to the Wing Commander preparing Hanscom AFB for the unknown. She helped deploy the first 66th Contracting Squadron to respond to this attack from Hanscom AFB. During this same time Maggie was the Senior Manager to a 50 plus person military and civilian squadron responsible for a $1.6 B acquisition program for the Electronic Systems Division at Hanscom AFB. Upon Maggie’s retirement, the Air Force recognized Maggie with two medals for being a trusted advisor, counselor, and leader during her career, the “Exemplary Outstanding Civilian Service Award” and “Air Force Outstanding Civilian Career Award.

After her retirement from the AF, Maggie went on to work in the Private Sector as a Project Director where she helped to develop, contracted for, and managed a “first-of-its-kind” Department of Defense Housing Privatization Project for our Military families. This included the total responsibilities of design and development of a 780 home master-planned planned neighborhood located at Hanscom AFB valued at $220 million. This role also included the responsibility as Property Management for the existing inventory of 850 homes.

Maggie is a certified Contracting Acquisition Level III and has a Top-Secret Clearance. Early in her career, she also served as reservist in both the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Department of the Army.

In her spare time, Maggie is a very proud and active Great Aunt to five nieces and nephews. She has some dearly beloved pets and is a member of the Mount Pleasant Golf Club and a Past President of the Women’s Golf League. Her newest sport is being part of the Mount Pleasant Women’s Bowling League.

Maggie Wetzell

Senior Vice President, Contracts & Compliance