Organizational Changes and Executive Appointments

Oasis Systems Organizational Changes and Executive Appointments

The skill and dedication of every member of the Oasis team is providing outstanding capability and service to our customers, resulting in remarkable business growth.

  • Oasis now employs more than 1,000 professional staff across 36 States.
  • We have doubled our US Air Force business.
  • We have grown our customer set to include: USAF, USN, USA, USMC, MDA, NRC, DOI, CFTC, FAA and NASA.
  • We have significantly deepened and broadened our capabilities including Armament Systems, Air Traffic Systems, Battle

Management Programs, Enterprise Systems, C4ISR, Cybersecurity, Facilities Management; Human Factors Solutions; Information Technology, Classified Programs, Marine Operations and Unmanned Systems.

We support high priority mission critical programs such as AWACS, JSTARS Recap, G/ATOR and FAA NEXGEN; and we have worked on the MOAB and MOP programs.

To manage this growth and to better position ourselves for future growth opportunities in a challenging and competitive market, we need to better align our structure and responsibilities to sustain the vitality of our business; continue to provide superior capability and services to our broad set of customers; grow and develop our people; improve our competitiveness; and effectively manage an increasingly complex and diverse business.

Our vision remains the same: Provide cost-effective and best-in-class technical capabilities and services to our customers.

To meet these current and emerging challenges, we will organize ourselves through five operating divisions, each led by a Division President, responsible for execution excellence, customer satisfaction and business development. The Divisions will be resourced with appropriately decentralized corporate functions to support the Division’s business and administrative operations.

  • Brenda Boone will continue to be the FAA and NASA Division (HSI) President.
  • Kevin Veach has been promoted to President of the Specialized Engineering Division (MAR).
  • Pete Krawczyk has been promoted to President of the DoD Programs Division.
    • Greg Esses Vice President of the Eglin TMAS Program will report to Pete.
    • Skip Fink Vice President of USN, USMC and MDA Programs will report to Pete.
    • Tom Parks, PASS Task Lead, will continue to report to Pete.
    • Mark Smith, Lead for AFRL-Rome, SEIC and JINTACCS, will continue to report to Pete.
  • Tim Nickerson has been promoted to President of the USAF ETASS II Division.
    • Bob Sanguinet has been promoted to Vice President ETASS HB Program, reporting to Tim.
    • Bruce Ward has been promoted to Vice President ETASS HI Program, reporting to Tim.

The fifth Division will be focused on Civilian Agencies. A President will be named in the future for that Division.

To maintain functional excellence and low overhead costs, these five Divisions will be resourced supported with appropriate decentralized Corporate services. Each Corporate function – Finance, IT, Human Resources and Contracts and Compliance – has defined those services that they will decentralize to support the Divisions and which services will remain centralized for efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Matrixing these G&A functions with the Divisions will provide the company with the optimal balance of having support resources close to the customer as possible; and at the same time ensuring G&A is affordable, non-duplicative and integrated such that our policies, procedures and practices are consistent across the company for our employees; and compliant with all legal, regulatory and contractual laws and regulations.

In recognition of these larger and more complex corporate responsibilities:

  • Laura Evans has been promoted to Senior Vice President, Human Resources;
  • Ann Gerlitz has been promoted to Senior Vice President, Finance and Technology;
  • Maggie Wetzell has been promoted to Senior Vice President, Contracts and Compliance.

Business Development will be the responsibility of the Divisions, however, to eliminate redundancy, optimize resource allocations, prioritize pipeline opportunities, synergistically share capabilities and manage different pricing rates there will be a tight coupling, integration and coordination between the Divisions and the Corporate Senior Vice President of Business Development.

Mike McElwain has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Corporate Business Development.

Please join me in congratulating the members of the Oasis Leadership Team on their new responsibilities as we continue to provide our customers, all of whom are supporting America’s security, freedom and interests at home and around the world, with world class capability, dedication and quality service.