Program Manager SME – EPASS ACS

REQ #: 13026 | Robins AFB, GA

Oasis Systems has an exciting opportunity for a Program Manager, SME, located at Warner Robins, Georgia.

JOB STATUS: Full-time

TRAVEL: See below “Travel”

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS (Education, Certifications, Experience, Skills)

SECURITY CLEARANCE: Must possess an active DoD Secret Clearance

EDUCATION: Advanced Degree (MA/MS) and ten years of experience in the respective technical/ professional discipline OR, BA/BS degree, 12 years of experience in the respective technical/professional field OR, 15 years of directly related experience.



OTHER QUALIFICATIONS/SKILLS: A SME is an individual whose qualifications and particular expertise are exceptional. SMEs do not have specific experience/education qualifications but are typically identified as recognized industry leaders for a given area of knowledge. SMEs usually perform the following kinds of functions: initiate, supervise, and develop requirements from a project’s inception to a conclusion for complex to highly complex programs; provide strategic advice, technical guidance, and expertise to program and project staff; provides detailed analyses, evaluations, and recommendations for improvements, optimization development, and maintenance efforts for client-specific or mission-critical challenges/issues; consults with the client to define needs or problems; supervises studies, and leads surveys to collect and analyze data to provide advice and recommend solutions.

  • SME is a recognized industry leaders in their field. Must be able to perform all tasks identified in the General Description above.
  • Must be proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access), Microsoft Internet Explorer, and other standards (Customer specified) applications.)
  • Must transport self to various facility sites, as required. If using own motor vehicle, must possess a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance
  • May require lifting to 25 pounds.
  • Requires visual acuity to use a keyboard.


RESPONSIBILITIES: All areas of responsibility listed below are essential to the satisfactory performance of this position, with reasonable accommodation, if necessary. Work responsibilities may vary, depending upon the assignment.

  • Assist with reviewing, interpreting, and applying new statutory and regulatory requirements and then providing recommendations for Government integration.
  • Establish and maintain effective professional working relationships with co-workers and customers.
  • Follow policies and procedures as described in corporate manuals and directives.
  • Attend work each day during scheduled work hours unless on approved travel or time off.
  • Perform occasional travel to contractor and customer sites, as required (see WORKING CONDITIONS below).
  • Work flexible hours, including occasional overtime.
  • Carry out other duties as may be assigned or requested.


Program Analysis

  • Apply an understanding of DoD and AF Program/Project analysis to plan, organize, complete and present assessments of program/project activity management concepts, analyses, studies, and procedures to senior leadership.
  • Evaluate implications of existing or proposed projects, programs, processes, and policies/laws and recommend improvements to the Government point-of-contact (POC).
  • Assist the PM and Acquisition Team in the planning and organizing of program management activities, analyze the efforts of a group of specialists, and advise on and perform work related to program management.
  • Plan, organize, complete, and present assessments of program management concepts, analyses, studies, and procedures.
  • Assist in performing a wide range of activities, including gathering various program information, conducting analyses, acquisition strategy planning, pre-award and post-award document preparation, and milestone planning, tracking, scheduling, briefing preparation, staff coordination, and decision documentation preparation.

Status Reporting

  • Provide support to establish and maintain databases and assist in developing and analyzing key program metrics.
  • Assist in developing and integrating risk management plans and strategies and support program briefings.
  • Assist in determining program progress and communicating recommendations orally and in writing to higher organizational management.

Schedule Project Management

  • Develop, report, and maintain schedules and metrics to track program status.
  • Shall have a working knowledge of and effectively apply Earned Value Management (EVM) principles to evaluate and report program health and status.

Management Operations

  • Interface and coordinate with lateral USG organizations, i.e., headquarters, major commands, aircraft wings/squadrons, test agencies, USAF Centers, or other external agencies as required to accomplish assigned tasks.

External Mission Partners Program Management Activities 

  • Assist with the resolution of programmatic issues, including interfacing/querying Air Staff, Air Force Major Command, and Department of Defense personnel.
  • Document the status, decisions, and open actions to be resolved because of inquiries and deliver executive-quality products to the PEO/Deputy.

Records Management

  • Assist with the proper coding and filing of Directorate records within the Air Force guidelines, and shall be knowledgeable in the use of the Air Force Records Information Management System (AFRIMS) and proficient with the Electronic Records Management (ERM) system per AFI 33-364 and AFMAN 33-363.

Government Acquisition

  • Demonstrate an understanding of DoD acquisition processes and analytical methods or techniques to gather, analyze, and evaluate information required by programs or project managers and Mission Partners; draw conclusions and devise solutions to problems relating to improvement of acquisition effectiveness and compliance; develop and draft acquisition documentation and ensure quality control; many perform work measurement studies, program or operations efficiency reviews, cost studies, or workload change impact analyses; and rely upon and use automated management information systems in performing fact finding, analytical, and advisory functions. The Contractor shall apply an understanding of contracting policies and processes to analyze requirements and develop solutions to include pre-award and post-award situations.
  • Shall sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for any pre-award assistance with source selections and other reviews requiring access to proposals or proprietary information of other Contractors, whether pre- or post-award.

Acquisition Planning

  • Apply understanding in the application of acquisition management initiatives such as buying commercial items (i.e., acquisition of Non-developmental Items (NDI), Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) items, and FAA-certified items), Commercial Practices (such as Performance Based Business Environment), Earned Value Management System (EVMS), Evolutionary Acquisition and Agile Acquisition of the Integrated Defense Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Life Cycle Management System and Acquisition Streamlining.
  • Assist in planning, organizing, and managing critical aspects of systems, subsystems, and equipment development, production, and/or deployment.
  • Apply DoD acquisition procedures, analytical methods, and techniques to gather, analyze, and evaluate information required by program/project managers and Mission Partners.
  • Have an understanding of current Air Force acquisition regulations, guidelines, and processes to integrate, communicate, coordinate, organize, and plan technical and acquisition efforts across a broad spectrum of functional disciplines (i.e., Technology development and integrating engineering, program control, foreign disclosure, test and deployment, configuration management, production and manufacturing, quality assurance, and logistics support).
  • Support the acquisition program management of complete life cycle requirements of systems, subsystems, and equipment throughout the case life cycles.
  • Provide recommendations in support of overall training systems to include, but not be limited to, systems requirements identification and documentation, simulation, and support systems design activities, SIMCERT, planning site bed-down and facility planning, sustainment planning, installation, test and integration, acceptance and eventual integration into the field training unit (FTU) and sustainment.
  • Assist in providing acquisition program analysis support, including technology development and integrating engineering, program control, foreign disclosure, test and deployment, configuration management, production and manufacturing, quality assurance, and logistics support.
  • Assist in managing Instructional Systems Design (ISD) processes, including, but not limited to, managing/conducting proposal analysis/reviews, courseware requirement reviews, various working groups, and program management reviews.
  • Assist in managing Training Systems Analysis (TSA) efforts for system modifications and emerging training requirements.

Acquisition Document Preparation

  • Arrange and support various program actions such as meeting attendance; meeting minutes; milestone planning, tracking, and scheduling; briefing preparation; staff coordination; risk management plan and strategy development and integration; and decision documentation preparation.
  • Develop and prepare briefings in the required format for approval by the Government Program Manager to provide program status.
  • Assist with developing documentation and funding requirements leading to program implementation.
  • Assist in identifying and resolving any program management issues.
  • Assist in reviewing documentation for programmatic considerations and issues and shall assist in recommending solutions or improvements.
  • Assist the Program Management Office (PMO) with developing and reviewing Should Cost/Will Cost Estimates and programming of funds for POM submission into the FYDP.
  • Assist in preparing plans and documentation required to participate in the Material Development Decision (MDD), pre/post Acquisition Strategy Panels (ASPs), and the Milestone A, B, and C decision processes (DoDI 5000.2).
  • Shall be required to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) before assisting in the development of pre and post-award documentation supporting source selection activities, including requests for proposal (RFPs), Statements of Objectives (SOOs), Performance Work Statements (PWSs), and Statements of Work (SOWs). Under a signed NDA, the Contractor may also review prime Contractors’ and subcontractors’ proposals and present recommendations to the Government for use in technical evaluations.



  • May be required to travel using commercial air, USG air, and other conventional modes of transportation to Outside Continental United States and Continental United States (OCONUS and CONUS) locations in support of program meetings, reviews, audits, and other activities held at Government and Contractor facilities.
  • Shall travel unaccompanied and unsupervised.
  • All travel (including plans, agenda, itinerary, and dates) requires prior approval by the EPASS CO for OCONUS travel or COR for CONUS travel.
  • CONUS travel requests shall be submitted no later than ten business days before travel.
  • Shall notify the EPASS CO or COR of air travel costs and receive prior written approval when the use of other than least costly air travel is required to complete a Government-directed task.
  • Shall submit a Trip Report upon return from travel. The trip report shall be submitted within 5 business days of return from the earliest travel date. At a minimum, the trip report shall include the name of the employee; date(s) of the trip; site visited; trip purpose; relevant observations during the trip.
  • Check for additional OCONUS Travel Requirements for FAR clauses 52.228-3 and 52.228-4 that apply to OCONUS travel.

Office Work Environment:

  • Work is performed indoors with some potential risks to safety and health hazards related to electronics.

Who We Are

Oasis Systems is a premier provider of customer-driven, cost-effective, and quality Engineering Services; Enterprise Systems and Applications; Human Factors Engineering; Information Technology and Cyber Security; Professional Services; and Specialized Engineering Solutions to the Department of Defense, Federal Aviation Administration, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and other Federal Agencies.

We strive to be an exciting and welcoming company that attracts, develops, motivates, and retains the most talented, skilled, and dedicated people in the industry, where they are encouraged to achieve personal excellence, purpose, and their full potential and career aspirations while supporting mission-critical national security technologies and programs.

Oasis Systems is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in hiring or employment based on any legally protected characteristic, including, but not limited to, race, color, religion, national origin, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, age, medical condition, military veteran status or based on physical handicap which, with reasonable accommodation, render the application to perform the job available satisfactorily.

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