Serving Those Who Serve Us

We honor and remember those who died while serving in the United States armed forces.  Today is a day of remembrance, reflection, connection (or solitude), processing, and grieving.  

We appreciate those who have served as well as those who continue to serve in the nation’s military. We’re honored to have current and former military professionals serving at every level of our company. We value your experience, exceptional leadership skills, knowledge, dedication and discipline.

People like Quincy “Doc” Mosby.

“My transition to civilian life was quite a fascinating experience! I elected to retire at 28 years of service only because I felt it was time to make the transition, and I was offered one of my life-long jobs as the Executive Director of a commercial service airport. Having served as Tail Gunner on the B-52G, and then most of my career as an Air Traffic Controller, the option to retire was a tough decision, but given the opportunity to continue a career in aviation was a perfect fit. Finishing my doctorate in aviation management, then joining the USAF’s acquisition community as a contractor, and now working for Oasis, has truly been an unbelievable journey, and well worth the transition. Working with a great company and a great team is why I like coming to work each and every day!”

Quincy “Doc” Mosby

Thank you for your sacrifice – Honor. Remember. Never forget.