Oasis Systems Awarded $22 Million USAF Air Combat Command Contract

On March 31, 2021, the US Air Force HQ Air Combat Command (ACC) Acquisition Management and Integration Center (AMIC), headquartered at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Hampton, VA, awarded Oasis Systems, LLC a contract to provide Joint Interoperability of Tactical Command and Control Systems (JINTACCS) advisory and assistance services to the Directorate of Plans, Programs, and Requirements Tactical Data Links (TDL) Enterprise Division Integration & Standards Branch (HQ ACC/A5JI).

Under the 5-year contract, valued at $22M, Oasis will provide expertise in support of the ACC/A5JI mission to improve warfighter capability to get decision-quality information to the right people at the right time. An essential aspect includes researching solutions and impacts of proposed changes to TDL and US Message Text Format (USMTF) Military Standards (MIL STDs). Oasis will also assist ACC/A5JI in managing MIL STD compliance testing and evaluating TDL systems for AF Certification on-the-way to Joint Interoperability Certification. In addition, Oasis professionals will assist ACC/A5JI providing expertise to USAF acquisition programs and operator communities providing insight into existing systems TDL implementations and capabilities across the global battle space.

Greg Esses, President of Oasis’ DoD Division, commented, “Oasis is honored by the confidence the Air Force has demonstrated in selecting us to continue to support the ACC/A5JI for another 5 years along with our subcontractor partners, B3H and USfalcon.” Esses concluded, “This is a wonderful and important award for Oasis, giving us the opportunity to continue to serve our ACC customer providing critical interoperability capability and ensuring communication of critical decision-quality information in support of our warfighters.”

About Oasis Systems

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